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Subway’s “Subway in the Sky” Blimp Takes Sandwich Fans on a High-Flying Deli Adventure

Subway enthusiasts are in for a treat as the popular sandwich chain gears up to launch an extraordinary culinary experience in the form of a massive blimp tour. Starting this September, fans will have the unique opportunity to enjoy Subway’s signature foot-long sandwiches while soaring through the skies on the “Subway in the Sky” blimp.

Elevating the Deli Experience

Subway, renowned for its foot-long subs, recently announced plans to operate a series of flights on its “Subway in the Sky” blimp. Passengers aboard this 180-foot aircraft will not only enjoy breathtaking views but also savor four of Subway’s new Deli Hero sandwiches during their journey.

The mouthwatering sandwiches on the menu include the Titan Turkey, Grand Slam Ham, Garlic Roast Beef, and The Beast. As an added touch, the exterior of the blimp itself is adorned with imagery of “The Beast.”

Sky-High Tour Destinations

The “Subway in the Sky” blimp will be making stops in several exciting locations, including Kansas City, Missouri; Orlando, Florida; and Miami. The tour kicks off with blimp rides and sandwich tastings in Kansas City from September 5th to 7th, followed by Orlando on September 19th and 20th. Miami residents can join the fun on September 24th and 26th, with the city being home to one of Subway’s two headquarters.

Limited Skyward Seats

Each flight aboard the “Subway in the Sky” blimp will offer space for just six lucky guests, allowing a maximum of 40 people to experience this culinary adventure each day. Those eager to secure their spot can look forward to sign-up details on a designated website. It’s worth noting that flight dates and times may be subject to change due to weather or other atmospheric conditions, so passengers should stay tuned for updates.

A Thrilling Culinary Capstone

Subway describes the “Subway in the Sky” experience as a thrilling capstone to its recent “Eat Fresh Refresh” launch. This innovative endeavor follows Subway’s introduction of deli slicers and freshly sliced meats in its U.S. restaurants approximately two months ago. In a bid to enhance the quality of their deli sandwiches, Subway’s employees now perform in-house meat slicing multiple times a day.

A Natural Progression

Chef Paul Fabre, Subway’s Senior Vice President of Culinary and Innovation, expressed that the addition of slicers was a “natural progression” and another step toward elevating their deli sandwiches. Subway continues to innovate and redefine the fast-food dining experience, and the “Subway in the Sky” blimp is a testament to their commitment to delighting customers.

Change in Ownership

In a recent development, Subway, a family-held sandwich chain, announced a change in ownership. Roark Capital Group, a private equity firm, is set to acquire Subway through its affiliates after Subway explored the possibility of a sale for over six months. This transition marks a significant milestone in Subway’s history and is expected to bring new opportunities and growth to the beloved sandwich brand.

As Subway’s “Subway in the Sky” blimp takes flight, it promises to be an unforgettable journey for sandwich lovers and a testament to Subway’s dedication to redefining the fast-food experience. Don’t miss your chance to dine in the sky with Subway’s Deli Hero sandwiches and take part in this culinary adventure of a lifetime!

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