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Gas Cooktop Alert: Electrolux Group Recalls Thousands Amid Safety Concerns

In a recent development, Electrolux Group, a major appliance company, has issued a voluntary recall affecting tens of thousands of gas cooktops. The recall, prompted by concerns raised by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), affects approximately 77,000 units of two specific Frigidaire gas cooktop models. The primary reason behind this recall is the potential risk of gas leaks and fire hazards associated with these appliances, as stated in the CPSC alert.

Safety First: Identifying the Culprit

The core issue revolves around the plastic control knobs with black shafts, which, over time, have shown a tendency to develop cracks or breaks. Consumers who own Frigidaire stainless-steel 30-inch four-burner (model FFGC3026SS) and 36-inch five-burner (model FFGC3626SS) gas cooktops are urged to check for these specific knobs. The CPSC advises that if you find these knobs on your appliance, it’s crucial to cease using them until the issue has been addressed.

Serial Numbers Unveiled

To streamline the recall process, consumer safety regulators have identified specific serial number ranges that fall within the recall. For the four-burner model, the recalled serial numbers encompass those ranging from 1F00590006 through 1F11090155 and 3F53705075 through 3F01309052. Meanwhile, for the five-burner model, the affected serial numbers span from 1F00590020 through 1F10390342 and 3F53703455 through 3F00806110. This information can typically be found on the underside of the cooktop.

Electrolux’s Assurance and Response

Electrolux Group has acted swiftly to address this issue, emphasizing the safety of its consumers. Chad Strickland, the Electrolux Group North America product safety director, stated, “As always, the safety of our consumers is our top priority, and we take this matter very seriously.” The company has taken the initiative to voluntarily recall the affected cooktops in cooperation with the CPSC, and they express their sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Replacement Knobs and Retailer Details

In a reassuring move, Electrolux is offering replacement knobs with chrome shafts at no cost to all customers affected by the recall. The company is actively reaching out to these customers to facilitate the replacement process. If you own one of the recalled cooktops, you likely purchased it from Lowe’s, The Home Depot, or an independent appliance store between March 2016 and April 2022.

A Global Perspective

It’s worth noting that Electrolux Group is a prominent player in the appliance industry, with its products available in approximately 120 markets worldwide. This recall underscores the company’s commitment to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of its customers, no matter where they are located.

In conclusion, safety remains paramount, and Electrolux’s proactive response to the CPSC’s concerns showcases their dedication to their consumers’ well-being. If you own one of the affected gas cooktops, be sure to follow the CPSC’s guidance and take advantage of Electrolux’s offer for replacement knobs to ensure a safe and secure cooking experience in your home.

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