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Chips Ahoy! Celebrates 60th Anniversary with Fun-Filled Facts and Sweeping Success

Intriguing Beginnings: A Tale of Two Cookies

Chips Ahoy! is known worldwide for its delectable cookies, but did you know that it was introduced in 1963, a whole 51 years after its sister brand Oreo? Both these iconic cookies were born under the umbrella of Nabisco, formerly known as the National Biscuit Company, founded in 1898 by Adolphus Green, John G. Zeller, and William H. Moore. Merging various bakeries, they created the National Biscuit Company, which eventually gave rise to the beloved Chips Ahoy!

The Mystery Behind the Name

Ever wondered why they named it Chips Ahoy!? While it remains uncertain, food bloggers speculate that it could be a nautical reference, “ship ahoy,” used by sailors to signal the sighting of another boat at sea. This notion suggests that “chocolate is near,” fitting perfectly with the scrumptious chocolate chips nestled within the cookies. Interestingly, Charles Dickens, the renowned English author, had already used the phrase “chips ahoy” in his 1859 book “The Uncommercial Traveller.”

A Chipper Evolution

Chips Ahoy! has come a long way since its inception. Advertisements from the 1960s boasted each cookie contained 16 chocolate chips, but the brand didn’t stop there. Over the years, they increased the chocolate chip count substantially. In the 1990s, they claimed each one-pound, two-ounce bag held a staggering 1,000 chocolate chips. When a math class from Wadesboro, North Carolina, contested this claim, Nabisco’s representative proved it true by counting a whopping 1,181 chocolate chips in a dissolved cookie bag.

Irresistible Advertising

Chips Ahoy! knows how to make an impression. With an anthropomorphic cookie character, fondly called “Mr. Irresistible,” they promoted their chunky cookie variety, captivating audiences with “scrumptious secrets” in a mock InTouch Weekly magazine cover. Their clever “Don’t You Want Me, Baby” commercial further charmed fans in the early 2000s.

A Sweet Variety of Flavors

As Chips Ahoy! celebrates its 60th anniversary, Mondelēz International treats cookie enthusiasts with an array of 15 flavors. From the classic Original Chocolate Chip and Chewy Chocolate Chip to the unique Red Velvet, Brownie-Filled, and S’mores, there’s a flavor to satisfy every craving. The brand also indulges in special candy-filled collaborations, including Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Chips Ahoy! Around the World

Chips Ahoy! is a global delight, with availability in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Interestingly, some countries have their unique take on the brand. In Malaysia, it’s sold as “Chips More!” with a different logo and package color, sporting a vibrant yellow.

Contributing to Mondelēz International’s Success

Chips Ahoy! has been a significant contributor to Mondelēz International’s impressive financial performance. In their “2022 Annual Report,” the company revealed that biscuits and baked snacks accounted for 50% of its $31.5 billion net revenue. Chips Ahoy! played a substantial role in surpassing the $1 billion mark.

A Sweeping Celebration

As part of the grand 60th-anniversary celebration, Chips Ahoy! treated two lucky winners and their friends to an unforgettable trip to Miami aboard a luxury yacht adorned with the brand’s iconic imagery. This summer extravaganza was the highlight of the year, and fans couldn’t be more thrilled.

Chips Ahoy! has been delighting taste buds for six decades and continues to be a cherished favorite worldwide. With its fascinating history, mouthwatering flavors, and innovative marketing, Chips Ahoy! remains a delightful treat for generations to come.

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