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Costco’s Craze: Shoppers Go Wild for Coveted Costco Logo Sweatshirt

In a surprising fashion frenzy, Costco’s devoted fans are clamoring to get their hands on a unique clothing item: a Costco logo fleece crewneck sweatshirt. This cozy garment, perfectly timed for the fall season, is flying off the shelves, with most sizes now sold out online. Priced at a wallet-friendly $12.97, this gray sweatshirt, made from a blend of cotton and polyester, is emblazoned with the iconic red and blue Costco logo.

Costco’s Comfy Creation

This relaxed-fit crewneck is available in a range of sizes, catering to both men and women, from X-Small to X-Large for men and Small to XX-Large for women, as confirmed by the official Costco website. The excitement among fans is palpable, as they’ve taken to Reddit to express their adoration for this unique piece of merchandise.

Reddit’s Rave Reviews

A Reddit user posted a snapshot of themselves proudly wearing the sweatshirt, captioning it with, “I bought the hideous Costco sweatshirt and I am in love.” This sparked a wave of enthusiasm, with others eagerly chiming in to profess their fondness for this unexpected fashion statement.

One Reddit user exclaimed, “OMG, I need this in my life,” echoing the sentiments of countless others. Some even went as far as to predict that Costco/Kirkland sweatshirts might become the Coach purses of everyday attire – a fashion statement with an ironic twist.

The Appeal of the Unconventional

While some may find it peculiar, others can’t resist the allure of this unique garment. “LoL on the one hand, it’s hysterical and on the other… Why do I want it?,” mused one Redditor, reflecting the internal struggle many face when contemplating this peculiar purchase. Another user proudly shared, “I also have this one; I like to wear it with my Kirkland slides,” highlighting its versatility.

A Stylish Statement

Despite the summer heat, one enthusiastic Costco fan humorously remarked, “Haven’t been able to wear mine much because of summer, but I can’t wait to be the most stylish dad in the subdivision.” It appears that many see this sweatshirt as the perfect white elephant gift or a guaranteed win in an ugly Christmas sweater contest.

A Rising Trend

Costco offers a range of sweatshirts, including a black cotton and recycled polyester crewneck adorned with the black Kirkland logo. Reddit users have coined the term “wholesalecore haute couture” to describe this trend, emphasizing its unconventional but rapidly rising appeal.

Rave Reviews and Reaching Out

With over 300 online reviews and an impressive average rating of 4.8 stars, it’s evident that this quirky sweatshirt has struck a chord with the loyal Costco community. In the pursuit of more insights, FOX Business reached out to Costco for an official statement regarding the phenomenon surrounding the Costco Wholesale Unisex Logo Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt.


In the world of fashion, where trends come and go, Costco’s logo sweatshirt has managed to capture the hearts of shoppers in an unexpected way. Its blend of humor, comfort, and affordability has turned it into a must-have item for fans and a conversation starter for those looking to make a statement. As the fall season unfolds, it remains to be seen just how far this unconventional fashion trend will go.

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