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Climate Protesters Block Citigroup Headquarters in NYC, Leading to Arrests

A climate protest outside Citigroup’s headquarters in New York City resulted in several arrests on Thursday morning as demonstrators obstructed entrances to the building.

The protest was organized by activist groups including New York Communities for Change and Stop the Money Pipeline. The demonstrators aimed to draw attention to Citigroup’s financial support of the oil, gas, and coal industries. Last week, the organizers had announced their intention to engage in “civil disobedience” outside Citi’s Manhattan headquarters.

During the protest, individuals wearing hazmat suits were detained by the police. Law enforcement officers worked to clear a path for employees to enter the building.

The New York Police Department reported that approximately 150 people participated in the demonstration, with 24 individuals subsequently arrested and taken into custody.

Citigroup responded to the protest in a statement, expressing respect for the right to protest while emphasizing that activists do not have the right to impede people from entering the building or customers from accessing the branch. The bank noted that the activists were given the opportunity to protest peacefully but chose to block access to the premises.

The demonstration reflects the ongoing efforts by climate activists to pressure financial institutions into divesting from fossil fuels and supporting environmentally sustainable practices. Such protests have gained momentum worldwide as concerns about climate change and environmental sustainability continue to escalate.

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