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“Professionals Admit to Exaggerating AI Knowledge, Reveals Canvas Survey”

Artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly transformed the modern workplace, leaving professionals eager to embrace the technology. However, a recent survey conducted by Canva in collaboration with Sago has unearthed a surprising trend among professionals – the propensity to exaggerate their familiarity with AI tools. This revelation has shed light on the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in the professional sphere.

In the survey, which canvassed the opinions of 1,000 business professionals, 72% claimed to be familiar with the term “artificial intelligence.” However, when asked about their knowledge of “generative AI,” this number dwindled significantly to just 51%. This discrepancy hints at a potential gap between the perceived and actual understanding of AI technologies.

Even more intriguingly, the survey exposed a startling trend: 26% of professionals admitted to occasionally inflating their AI knowledge to keep pace with colleagues or superiors, while 20% confessed to outright faking their AI expertise during workplace conversations. Notably, the study spotlighted a concerning revelation – 38% of senior leaders at the vice president level or above have misrepresented their AI proficiency in both professional and personal settings.

Canva’s co-founder and chief product officer, Cameron Adams, weighed in on this phenomenon, stating, “We think that this really highlights the fact that AI is going to be a pivotal piece of technology, and a lot of people feel this, but they’re not being given the time and space to explore it in order to feel like they’re keeping up – they need to overexaggerate what they have been doing or what they use it for.”

The study further uncovered that 41% of professionals harbor concerns about falling behind in their careers if they fail to grasp AI’s potential. However, a significant 85% of respondents expressed a keen interest in acquiring AI skills, especially within their workplace. Adams remarked, “One of the standout things was that lots of people want to learn about AI, but perhaps they’re not getting the opportunities they need to stretch their wings and actually figure out all the different ways that they can incorporate AI into their work.”

H2: Fostering a Culture of AI Learning

While professionals might not receive ample on-the-job opportunities to familiarize themselves with AI, a staggering 44% of those who have made an effort to enhance their AI knowledge reported finding the experience enjoyable. Additionally, 35% noted that it boosted their confidence in dealing with AI technologies. Adams elucidated, “It’s a familiar cycle that you see with any innovation as something new is introduced; it often takes a bit of time to adapt to it and figure out how you’re personally going to use it.”

Adams proposed a promising solution to this predicament – employers can facilitate AI learning within their workforce by offering workshops and forums. These platforms would allow employees to experiment with AI tools and collaboratively share their discoveries. He emphasized the importance of selecting the right AI tools tailored to specific job roles, cautioning against the misconception that one-size-fits-all AI solutions are suitable for every context.

“A lot of media coverage, etc., focuses on stuff like ChatGPT which is somewhat of a mystery box – it’s this all-answering thing that you can ask any question to, and it’s not necessarily the best way for you to use AI in the work that you’re doing,” Adams opined.

Canva, a graphic design platform headquartered in Sydney, Australia, has embraced AI wholeheartedly. According to Adams, the company incorporates various AI-driven features into its user-facing products, often dubbing them “magic features” for their ability to seamlessly perform complex tasks. One such example is “Magic Eraser,” which effortlessly removes objects from photos using intricate AI models behind the scenes.

As AI continues to redefine the workplace, the survey results underscore the need for organizations to foster a culture of genuine AI learning and exploration. By doing so, professionals can bridge the gap between their perceived and actual AI knowledge, ensuring they remain competitive in an increasingly AI-driven world.

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