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Chipotle Delights Fans with the Return of Carne Asada

Great news for Chipotle enthusiasts! The beloved fast-food chain is once again bringing back a fan-favorite menu item, Carne Asada, for a limited time in both the United States and Canada. This marks the third appearance of Carne Asada on Chipotle’s menu, and there’s a delightful twist this time.

For the first time ever, Chipotle is introducing the Carne Asada Quesadilla, an exclusive offering available solely through the Chipotle app,, and various third-party delivery platforms.

Carne Asada initially made its debut in September 2019 and quickly won over the hearts (and taste buds) of Chipotle fans. Its succulent and flavorful nature made it an instant favorite. Social media platforms have been buzzing with requests from fans eager to see this protein option return to the menu for months. One user even proclaimed, “Carne Asada was the best thing to ever happen to Chipotle.”

During its first limited-time run, Carne Asada was savored by approximately 10 million customers, with nearly half of them being first-time visitors to Chipotle. The demand was so high that in 2020, Carne Asada made a triumphant return for its second limited-time stint.

Now, due to popular demand, Chipotle is granting the wish of its loyal customers by reintroducing Carne Asada to the menu for the third time.

What makes Carne Asada special? This delectable protein is marinated and seasoned on the grill with a blend of spices that includes cumin, coriander, and oregano. It’s then garnished with zesty fresh-squeezed lime and aromatic cilantro, creating a mouthwatering flavor profile.

Additionally, Chipotle highlights that Carne Asada aligns with various dietary preferences, including being Whole30 approved and compatible with Keto and Paleo diets.

To add to the celebration, Chipotle is offering free delivery for all orders placed through the Chipotle app or online from September 14 through October 1. Fans can get their Carne Asada fix starting on September 13 at Chipotle stores nationwide.

This exciting news is sure to please Chipotle fans who have been eagerly awaiting the return of this beloved protein option. So, mark your calendars and get ready to savor the irresistible flavors of Carne Asada once again!

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