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Disney+ Introduces Hulu Integration in Beta Release for U.S. Subscribers

In a strategic move, Disney has rolled out the beta version of Hulu on its Disney+ streaming platform, offering a combined entertainment experience to select U.S. customers.

This development, unveiled on Wednesday, follows the previous announcement by CEO Bob Iger and the entertainment giant about the integration of Hulu into Disney+. Subscribers to various bundles, including Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+, now have access to the beta version.

Diverse Bundles for Every Viewer

Disney offers a range of bundles, catering to different preferences and budget considerations. The ad-supported bundle featuring Disney+ and Hulu is priced at $9.99 per month, while the ad-free Duo Premium option comes at $19.99 a month.

The company’s decision to combine the streaming services aims to enhance user experience and value for subscribers.

March Set as the Official Launch Date

While currently in beta, Hulu on Disney+ has a prominent tile on the main page of the Disney+ streaming service for eligible users. The accompanying in-app hub grants users access to a wide array of Hulu content. However, it’s important to note that Hulu + Live TV content is excluded from this integration.

Disney has set a target for the official rollout of Hulu on Disney+ in March. During this beta phase, the company emphasizes the importance of allowing parents to set up controls to ensure age-appropriate content for household members. Additionally, Disney intends to gather consumer insights to refine the feature before a wider release.

Ad Experience Tailored to Hulu Subscription

For users employing Hulu on Disney+, the presence of ads will depend on their Hulu subscription—whether it is ad-supported or ad-free. The Disney+ website clarifies that this integration does not impact the individual operations of Disney+, Hulu, or ESPN+.

Joe Earley, Disney’s entertainment president of direct-to-consumer, anticipates that Hulu on Disney+ will drive increased engagement, ultimately reducing viewer churn.

In November, Disney reported a robust global subscriber base for Disney+, reaching 112.6 million by the end of the third quarter, excluding Hotstar. Concurrently, Hulu boasted 48.5 million subscribers. Despite the combined streaming business’s ongoing investments, including ESPN+, Iger remains optimistic, expressing the company’s expectation to achieve profitability in fiscal 2024’s final quarter.

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