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Target Recalls 2.2 Million Scented Candles Over Safety Concerns

In a recent development, retail giant Target has issued a recall for approximately 2.2 million scented candles, sending shockwaves through households across the country. The primary cause for concern revolves around the potential hazards posed by these candles, particularly when they are lit.

The recall, which was officially announced last Thursday, revolves around a specific product line – the Threshold glass jar candles. These candles, seemingly harmless at first glance, have been found to possess a critical flaw: they are prone to breakage while lit. The repercussions of this defect are far from trivial, potentially resulting in lacerations or burns to consumers.

This alarming revelation has prompted swift action from Target, spurred on by a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) advisory. The CPSC notice outlined the dangers associated with the candles and emphasized the need for a comprehensive recall.

Target’s proactive response showcases its unwavering commitment to the safety and satisfaction of its customers. A spokesperson for the company conveyed, “Target is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality and safety for our valued guests.” This dedication is vividly evident as the retail giant takes the initiative to pull back the affected candles from both physical retail locations and online stores.

The recall pertains specifically to the one-wick 5.5-ounce and three-wick 20-ounce scented candles under the Threshold brand. These candles, which have been available for purchase nationwide, have traversed the market over a span of nearly three and a half years, from February 2020 to July 2023. The wide distribution and extended timeframe make the scope of the recall even more significant.

Target’s recall procedure is designed with consumers’ convenience in mind. Individuals who have purchased these candles are encouraged to initiate returns either by visiting a nearby Target store or by mailing the products back using a prepaid return label provided by the retailer. Full refunds will be granted without any hassle, ensuring that affected customers are not left out of pocket.

It is imperative to underscore the gravity of the situation by refraining from lighting these candles while the recall is in effect. The potential risks are simply too great to ignore, and vigilance during this period is paramount.

Upon investigation, a myriad of item numbers have been linked to the recall. These numbers, discreetly located on the bottom of each candle, serve as indicators of the potentially hazardous products. Scents ranging from spiced vanilla to cerulean surf and sea, along with pineapple sage and caramel latte, are encompassed by this sweeping recall.

The urgency of the matter was highlighted by the revelation that Target was already aware of 19 instances in which lit candles from this line had shattered or cracked. One of these cases even led to a minor injury, further emphasizing the pressing need for the recall.

As households adapt to this unexpected turn of events, the overarching message remains clear: vigilance and caution are of utmost importance. By taking swift and comprehensive action, Target aims to safeguard its customers and uphold its unwavering commitment to their well-being

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