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UBS Secures Credit Suisse’s Securities Research in Unprecedented Merger Move

In a groundbreaking development set to reshape the financial landscape, UBS has announced its plans to absorb Credit Suisse’s Securities Research service later this month. This strategic move marks a significant step in UBS’s journey to merge with its global banking counterpart, Credit Suisse, heralding a new era in the world of finance.

Credit Suisse, a prominent player in the financial sector, will initiate the process of discontinuing its coverage on September 18, 2023. The decision, communicated to Credit Suisse’s Research clients, reflects the bank’s commitment to aligning its services with UBS’s vision for a unified future.

Transition of Institutional Customers

As part of this transition, institutional customers currently relying on Credit Suisse’s research services will be seamlessly switched to UBS Global Research. This shift is poised to ensure continuity and maintain the high-quality standards these clients are accustomed to. Importantly, Credit Suisse’s Wealth Management clientele will remain unaffected by this transition, as they will continue to have access to UBS IB Research, reassuring them of uninterrupted service and support.

A Historic Merger in Progress

The integration of Credit Suisse’s Securities Research service into UBS’s operations represents a monumental moment in the financial industry. This merger between two global systematically important banks, a historic first of its kind, promises to redefine the banking landscape. The move underscores UBS’s commitment to evolving and adapting to the ever-changing financial environment.

Credit Suisse’s Strategic Move

In a recent announcement, Credit Suisse disclosed its plans to scale down its new markets business starting from September 22. This decision aligns with UBS’s strategic direction to wind down trading in global securities that were once the domain of its rival. This move is seen as a necessary step in the journey towards full integration, allowing UBS to streamline its operations and optimize resources effectively.

A Shared Vision of Excellence

UBS’s absorption of Credit Suisse’s Securities Research service is not merely a merger; it is a harmonious union driven by a shared vision of excellence. Both banks have a storied history of delivering unparalleled financial services to their clients. Now, as they combine their strengths and resources, clients can expect an even more formidable financial powerhouse with the capacity to drive innovation and provide unmatched value.

Conclusion: Paving the Way for a Unified Future

As the financial world watches with bated breath, UBS’s strategic absorption of Credit Suisse’s Securities Research service is set to redefine the industry’s landscape. The transition of institutional customers to UBS Global Research, coupled with Credit Suisse’s reduction in new markets business, marks crucial milestones in this historic merger. With a commitment to maintaining the highest standards and a shared vision of excellence, UBS and Credit Suisse are poised to pave the way for a unified future in global finance, where possibilities are boundless, and opportunities are limitless.

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