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Rare Vintage Apple-1 Computer Up for Bidding at Auction House

An auction house has put an Apple-1 computer up for bids. RR Auction, a well-known auctioneer, is currently fielding bids on this vintage device until Aug. 24. This extraordinary computer has become available for purchase as part of a larger Apple and Steve Jobs-focused auction that the auction house launched in July.

The projected price for this functioning Apple-1 computer is nothing short of remarkable, with experts anticipating it could fetch over $200,000. The bidding has already reached an impressive $111,000 as of Tuesday afternoon, showing the intense interest surrounding this rare piece of tech history.

A Piece of Tech History

The Apple-1 computer has a storied past, having been in possession of its current owner since 1980. Its features include a period custom-built case, keyboard, and power supply, making it a true collector’s item. Moreover, it holds the signature of Steve Wozniak, one of the co-founders of Apple, alongside Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne, back in the 70s. Interestingly, the winning bidder will also receive a photo capturing Wozniak adding his signature to the device in 2017, adding even more value to this unique piece of tech memorabilia.

A Remarkable Restoration

The auction house has taken great care to restore the Apple-1 computer to an “operational state,” which was successfully achieved a couple of months ago. This restoration process ensures that the device functions as it did when it first hit the market, further enhancing its appeal to collectors and technology enthusiasts alike.

In a statement to FOX Business, RR Auction Executive Vice President Bobby Livingston shared his excitement about the significance of owning an Apple-1, comparing it to holding the blueprint of a $3 trillion legacy in one’s hands. The rarity and historical importance of this computer have led to intense bidding activity.

A Revolutionary Milestone

Described as one of the first “personal” computers that did not require soldering by the end user, the Apple-1 marked a revolutionary milestone in the tech world. The change came about when Paul Terrell, a computer store owner, requested fully-assembled computers from Steve Jobs, who was seeking retail opportunities for the Apple-1. This decision laid the foundation for the personal computer revolution that followed.

Apple’s Enduring Success

Since its inception in the 1970s, Apple has evolved into a tech giant, producing a vast array of groundbreaking products. From the iconic iPods and Macs to the revolutionary iPhones and Apple Watches, the company has continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation. In 2022 alone, Apple’s various product categories generated an astounding $316.2 billion in revenue, complemented by an additional $78.1 billion from its services division.

Soaring Market Capitalization

As of Tuesday afternoon, Apple’s market capitalization stands at a staggering $3.08 trillion, a testament to its enduring popularity and financial success. Its stock has experienced an impressive 21% increase in the past 12 months, with each share valued at nearly $196. This soaring market performance has cemented Apple’s position as one of the most valuable and influential companies in the world.

Upcoming Financial Results

Investors and technology enthusiasts alike eagerly await Apple’s third-quarter financial results, which are slated for release on Thursday. These results will shed light on the company’s recent performance and give insight into its future trajectory.

In conclusion, the auction of the Apple-1 computer is a momentous event that captures the essence of technological history and innovation. As this vintage device finds its new home, it will undoubtedly continue to be a symbol of Apple’s revolutionary journey and enduring legacy in the tech industry. With the bidding period still open, it remains to be seen who will become the proud owner of this priceless piece of computing history.

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