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Post-APEC San Francisco Reverts to Homelessness and Drugs, Locals Report

Less than a month after the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit brought Chinese President Xi Jinping to San Francisco, locals are reporting a resurgence of homelessness and drug-related issues in the city. Despite efforts to clean up the city ahead of the international event, business owners and residents express dissatisfaction with the current state, describing a return to the challenges that have plagued the city.

Cleanup Efforts for APEC Summit

In preparation for the APEC summit, San Francisco underwent a significant cleanup effort, drawing criticism for the perceived prioritization of appearance over addressing long-standing issues of homelessness and drug-related problems. Governor Gavin Newsom acknowledged the timing of the cleanup, stating that the city had been engaged in conversations and efforts for months before the summit to raise expectations and collaborate with various levels of government.

Return to Previous Conditions

Despite the cleanup initiatives, local reports suggest that San Francisco is reverting to its previous state, characterized by homelessness and drug-related challenges. Business owners, such as Danielle Rabkin, owner of Crossfit Golden Gate Gym, describe the situation as “business as usual,” with individuals who were previously displaced returning to key areas of the city.

Business Owners Face Challenges

Rabkin, in an interview on “Varney & Co,” highlighted the difficulty faced by business owners, noting the presence of vagrants in front of her gym and the impact on the quality of life in the city. She emphasized the unpleasant reality of navigating through human feces and needles on sidewalks, leading to dissatisfaction among potential customers and residents.

Calls for Action

As San Francisco grapples with the persistence of homelessness and related issues, there are calls for more effective solutions. While the city has considered allocating $37 million to a nonprofit for homeless outreach programs, critics argue that the problem persists despite significant past spending, including approximately $1 billion since 2021. Calls for a more humane and hygienic approach to address the needs of the homeless population are gaining attention, with an emphasis on providing viable alternatives to living on the streets.

In conclusion, the post-APEC situation in San Francisco reveals ongoing challenges related to homelessness and drug issues, despite prior cleanup efforts. The concerns raised by locals and business owners underscore the need for sustainable and effective solutions to address the complex issues faced by the city and its residents.

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