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White Claw Dives into Non-Alcoholic Trend with White Claw 0% Alcohol Seltzers

In response to the increasing popularity of non-alcoholic beverages, White Claw, known for its hard seltzers, is introducing White Claw 0% alcohol seltzers. These new offerings come in four flavors—black cherry cranberry, mango passionfruit, peach orange blossom, and lime yuzu—aiming to replicate the taste of the original White Claw Hard Seltzers. The 12 oz. drinks boast a mere 15 calories each and include added electrolytes for hydration.

Strategic Launch for Dry January

Scheduled to hit shelves on January 1, 2024, at retailers like Kroger, Total Wine & More, and Albertsons/Safeway, the launch aligns strategically with “Dry January,” a period where individuals traditionally abstain from alcohol. This move reflects a broader industry shift toward more flexible drinking options that cater to consumers interested in non-alcoholic or semi-alcoholic lifestyle choices.

Addressing Growing Demand

White Claw acknowledges the evolving preferences of legal drinking age Gen Z and millennials, emphasizing a desire for flexibility in beverage choices. The company sees an opportunity to disrupt the non-alcoholic space similarly to how it impacted the hard seltzer category. Phil Rosse, president of Mark Anthony Brands Inc., the parent company of White Claw, emphasizes that White Claw 0% alcohol aims to provide an authentic-tasting non-alcoholic option with depth of flavor and complexity.

Responding to “Sober-Curious” Lifestyle

A recent survey from White Claw indicates that approximately 80% of millennials and Gen Zers express interest in exploring a “sober-curious” or “damp” lifestyle. The study also reveals that 63% of consumers feel pressured to consume alcohol during social occasions. White Claw 0% alcohol seeks to cater to these changing preferences, offering a premium seltzer for adults that mirrors the taste, feel, and look of alcoholic beverages without the alcohol content.

Reinventing Non-Alcoholic Choices

White Claw aims to disrupt the industry by providing a non-alcoholic alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste, flavor, or complexity. The company criticizes existing options like excessively sweet mocktails and bland waters, positioning White Claw 0% alcohol as a groundbreaking beverage that meets the evolving demands of today’s adult drinkers. The survey findings suggest that non-alcoholic options contribute to increased confidence in social situations and support prioritizing physical health while maintaining social connections.

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