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McDonald’s Unveils Ambitious Plan to Expand to 50,000 Locations by 2028

In a bold move to enhance its global footprint, McDonald’s has announced an ambitious plan to reach a total of 50,000 locations worldwide by 2028. Currently boasting nearly 41,200 restaurants, the fast-food giant aims to add approximately 8,800 new locations, marking a significant surge in its global presence.

The strategy involves a run rate of 1,000 gross openings annually across both the U.S. and international markets, set to peak in 2027. According to McDonald’s projections, net new restaurant unit growth is expected to surpass 4% in the coming year, with sustained growth rates ranging from 4-5% beyond that period.

Historic Period of Growth

McDonald’s anticipates that this initiative will lead to the fastest period of growth in the company’s history. The planned expansion is not only a testament to the brand’s resilience but also a strategic move to solidify its position in the highly competitive fast-food market.

Accompanying the surge in restaurant units is a forecasted nearly 2% systemwide sales growth in the next year, with expectations of approximately 2.5% growth in the subsequent years. This financial forecast underscores McDonald’s confidence in the success of its aggressive expansion strategy.

Comprehensive Initiatives Unveiled

The announcement of accelerated growth comes as part of McDonald’s Investor Day, where the company outlined a series of initiatives. Analysts had anticipated major unit growth efforts from the Chicago-based company, and McDonald’s did not disappoint.

Among the initiatives is the aim to achieve 250 million 90-day active loyalty program users by 2027. This signals a robust commitment to enhancing customer engagement and brand loyalty. Additionally, McDonald’s plans to extensively roll out its “Best Burger” initiative and make further inroads into the ever-popular chicken offerings market.

McCrispy Expansion and Market Penetration

McDonald’s revealed plans to introduce the McCrispy sandwich to nearly all its markets before 2026, signaling a concerted effort to expand its chicken menu offerings. The fast-food giant also intends to introduce wrap and tender versions of the McCrispy, showcasing a diversified approach to cater to evolving consumer preferences.

These initiatives align with McDonald’s ongoing “Accelerating the Arches” initiative, which commenced approximately three years ago and was expanded earlier this year. The brand’s commitment to adapt and innovate in response to market trends positions it for sustained success in the dynamic fast-food landscape.

As of Wednesday, McDonald’s commands a market capitalization value of $207 billion, reflecting investor confidence in the brand’s strategic vision and growth potential. The coming years promise to be transformative for McDonald’s as it endeavors to redefine the boundaries of its global reach and solidify its standing as an industry leader.

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