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Fry Fans Rejoice: McDonald’s Launches ‘Free Fries Friday’ Deal

In an exciting turn of events for fast-food enthusiasts, McDonald’s is set to delight its customers with a crispy treat every Friday. Starting this week, the globally beloved fast-food chain is introducing the eagerly awaited ‘Free Fries Friday’ offer. As part of this enticing deal, customers who spend a mere dollar on items through the McDonald’s mobile app will receive a complimentary order of their famous fries. What’s more, these fries will be of medium size, making it a delightful snack for everyone.

Mobile App Magic: Claiming Your Free Fries

To savor this delectable offer, patrons need to follow a simple process. Customers opting for contactless mobile ordering and payment through the app are eligible. By selecting the ‘deals’ tab, users can find the ‘Free Fries Friday’ offer and swiftly add it to their mobile order. It’s a seamless experience, ensuring that the joy of free fries is just a few taps away.

Golden Opportunity: Terms and Conditions Apply

While the offer sounds too good to be true, there are a few conditions attached. Customers must have ‘opted into Rewards’ on the McDonald’s mobile app to avail the ‘Free Fries Friday’ deal. Additionally, this offer is available only at participating locations, adding an element of exclusivity to the Friday fries extravaganza. The promotion is slated to run until the end of the year, giving customers ample time to relish this delightful deal.

McDonald’s: A Digital Success Story

This announcement follows McDonald’s impressive digital performance in the market. The company reported an astounding $8 billion in digital systemwide sales in its top six markets during the last quarter. This figure showcases a remarkable 13.6% increase in revenue compared to the previous year. McDonald’s total revenue for the quarter stood at $6.5 billion, underlining its robust financial standing in the fast-food industry.

Anticipating the Future: What Lies Ahead

As McDonald’s continues to captivate consumers with its innovative offers, the anticipation for their third-quarter financial results is palpable. With the ‘Free Fries Friday’ deal making waves, analysts and enthusiasts alike eagerly await the company’s future endeavors. For now, fry lovers can mark their calendars and look forward to indulging in this delectable weekly treat, courtesy of McDonald’s.

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