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Walgreens Agrees to $44 Million Settlement in Theranos Lawsuit

In a landmark decision, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. has opted to settle a long-standing lawsuit, shelling out a staggering $44 million. This resolution comes as a result of allegations raised by customers who received inaccurate blood test results during Walgreens’ partnership with the now-defunct Theranos, a company founded by the infamous Elizabeth Holmes.

Seven Years of Legal Battle Concludes

After an arduous legal battle that spanned nearly seven years, both parties have finally come to terms. According to attorneys representing the plaintiffs, this agreement promises to reimburse claimants twice the amount they initially paid in out-of-pocket damages. Additionally, it paves the way for “significant additional recoveries for those with battery claims against Walgreens.”

The Blood Test Debacle

At the heart of this lawsuit were claims of battery and medical battery against Walgreens. These claims were brought forth by consumers whose blood samples were drawn by Walgreens employees and subsequently tested by Theranos. Unfortunately, Theranos’ diagnostic tools were later revealed to be severely flawed, casting a shadow of doubt over the integrity of the results.

The Rise and Fall of Theranos

Theranos, founded by Elizabeth Holmes in 2003, initially garnered significant attention and investment. However, in 2015, the Wall Street Journal exposed a startling revelation – the company was not using its groundbreaking technology for testing; instead, it relied on conventional machines. This revelation raised serious questions about the reliability of Theranos’ diagnostics.

The Termination of Partnership

By 2016, Walgreens had seen enough. It terminated its partnership with Theranos, also closing down 40 blood-draw sites that were operated by the Silicon Valley company within Walgreens’ stores in Arizona. Walgreens didn’t stop there; they slapped Theranos with a whopping $140 million lawsuit, alleging a breach of contract.

Holmes and Balwani’s Legal Woes

The downfall of Theranos continued in 2018 when the company ceased operations. The same year witnessed the indictment of Elizabeth Holmes and her former associate Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani on charges of fraud and other offenses. Both were subsequently convicted on multiple counts and currently serve time behind bars. Holmes was sentenced to more than 11 years, while Balwani faces a 13-year sentence.

Settlement with Theranos ABC

Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani and Theranos ABC, the entity that holds the remaining assets of Theranos, Inc., have agreed to pay a combined sum of $1.33 million to settle with the plaintiffs in the Walgreens class action. However, the settlement filing noted that no agreement could be reached with Elizabeth Holmes, as she “does not have material personal resources to contribute to a settlement or to pay any judgment against her.”

Walgreens’ Stance

Despite opting for a settlement, Walgreens stands firm in asserting that it too was a victim of Theranos’s deception. According to the settlement filing, Walgreens maintains legal and factual defenses against the plaintiffs’ claims, insisting that it was unaware of the unprepared state of Theranos’s tests.

In conclusion, this settlement marks a significant chapter in the Theranos saga. While the legal battles may have concluded, the impact of this controversy on the healthcare industry’s trust and transparency will undoubtedly resonate for years to come. Walgreens’ decision to settle serves as a stark reminder of the caution that companies must exercise in their partnerships, even with seemingly groundbreaking ventures.

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