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Taylor Swift Reporter: A Dream Job for Music Enthusiasts

If you’re passionate about Taylor Swift and have a knack for storytelling, you might have just found your dream job. Gannett Co. has recently posted a job opening for a “Taylor Swift Reporter,” tasked with covering everything related to the renowned pop sensation for publications like USA Today and The Tennessean.

This unique job opportunity, which went live on Tuesday, promises to be a dream gig for any music journalist or ardent Taylor Swift fan. The hourly pay for the role is set to fall within the range of $21.63 to $50.87, reflecting the significance of the position.

The job description outlines that the “Taylor Swift Reporter” will be responsible for capturing the excitement surrounding Swift’s ongoing tour and her upcoming album release. Additionally, the role involves providing insightful analysis of her music and career, making it a multifaceted and dynamic journalistic endeavor.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, her first since the onset of the pandemic, kicked off in March with shows in Arizona. Since then, she has performed over 50 shows in the United States and a few in Mexico, with more domestic and international dates on the horizon. Her re-recorded album “Taylor’s Version” of “1989” is slated for release in late October, following the success of “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).”

The impact of the “You Belong With Me” singer on pop culture and various industries will also be within the journalist’s scope, according to Gannett’s job ad. Swift’s tour has not only generated substantial revenue from ticket sales but has also provided a boost to tourism, hospitality, and other sectors in the cities she has visited.

Gannett is seeking candidates who are not only energetic writers but also proficient photographers and social media experts. The ideal applicant should bring at least five years of journalism experience to the table and be willing and able to travel internationally. The job can be remote and based in most states or located in northern Virginia, where Gannett’s headquarters are situated.

In a statement to FOX Business, Kristin Roberts, Gannett Media’s Chief Content Officer, emphasized the significance of this role, saying, “Are you ready for it? Being essential to our readers means providing the content they crave, and we have a blank space with Taylor’s name.” This job opportunity underscores the enduring influence of Taylor Swift on both the music industry and popular culture, making it an exciting and coveted position for any journalist seeking a fresh and vibrant beat.

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