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Skechers Steps Up Its Game with “Food Spot” Concession Stand

Skechers, the renowned footwear brand, is stepping into new territory and captivating the hearts (and taste buds) of its customers with the launch of its own culinary venture. Located in Gardena, California, the “Food Spot” is not just another concession stand; it’s an elevated eatery that’s creating quite a buzz.

A Taste Sensation

Skechers’ “Food Spot” has swiftly become a local sensation. Customers are lining up around the building, eager to indulge in a variety of delectable offerings. From all-beef hot dogs priced at just $2.50 to mouthwatering double smashburgers for $5, pepperoni pizza slices for $3, and heavenly soft-serve sundaes for $4, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

Inspired by Costco

The concept of the “Food Spot” draws inspiration from Costco’s beloved food court. However, Skechers adds its unique twist to the experience, offering food that’s not only affordable but also a bit more gourmet. The result is a food haven that rivals Costco’s offerings but without the need for a membership.

A Quiet Launch with Loud Success

This ambitious culinary endeavor quietly took flight at a Skechers store on the corner of Vermont Avenue and West 190th Street on May 3. The transformation of this 900-square-foot store into a commercial kitchen was just the beginning. Skechers also brought in seasoned restaurant and food industry professionals to ensure the venture’s success.

A Family-Friendly Affair

For Skechers CEO Michael Greenberg, the “Food Spot” concept was a long-held dream. He envisioned turning shoe shopping into a family outing where everyone could enjoy a delicious meal in the same venue. Greenberg emphasized the importance of quality, stating that the food had to match the excellence of their footwear products.

Quality is Key

According to Greenberg, “The most important thing to me was the quality of food. Because I relate the quality of the food, it’s got to be as good as the product that we sell, whether you wear our product, or you ingest and chew our product.” The emphasis on quality aligns with Skechers’ philosophy of ensuring customers keep coming back for more.

A Winning Concept

The “Food Spot” has received resounding praise, delighting both locals and visitors alike. With a small outdoor dining area consistently packed and standing room counters in high demand, it’s clear that Skechers has created an inviting atmosphere that extends beyond just shoe shopping.

A Foodie’s Touch

Greenberg, a self-proclaimed “foodie,” has invested in various restaurants, including Rock & Brews, the Shade Hotel, and Fresh Brothers Pizza. This venture combines his passion for food with Skechers’ commitment to excellence.

A Design Inspired by Costco

Even the design of the “Food Spot” draws inspiration from Costco’s food court, offering a familiar yet unique experience. While Costco serves Pepsi soft drinks, the “Food Spot” proudly offers Coca-Cola products, distinguishing itself in the beverage department.

Affordability Meets Flavor

Eater’s Matthew Kang noted that the “Food Spot” offers food that is “affordable enough to take a chance.” Locals have embraced this culinary addition, evident in the long lines and packed dining area during peak hours.

An Unforgettable Experience

In the words of Greenberg, “It was much more about the overall experience and the atmosphere of being at that Skechers store.” The “Food Spot” isn’t just about a quick meal; it’s about creating lasting memories while enjoying quality food.

Skechers has proven that it’s not just a footwear giant but also a formidable player in the world of culinary delights. The “Food Spot” has become a must-visit destination for both shoe shoppers and food enthusiasts, adding a delicious twist to the shopping experience. With quality and affordability at its core, this venture is bound to leave a lasting impression on all who indulge in its delectable offerings.

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