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Mortgage Rates Take a Dip While Refinancing Holds Steady

In a financial twist, the housing market experiences a significant shift in mortgage rates. As of September 5, 2023, data collected by Credible reveals some noteworthy changes in the realm of home loans. Homebuyers and homeowners alike, take note!

Mortgage Rates for Home Purchases

For those on the lookout for new homes, there’s good news. Mortgage rates for 20- and 30-year terms have finally taken a welcomed dip after a month of holding steady. The 15-year term, however, bucks the trend by rising a full percentage point to 7.125%. Meanwhile, 10-year terms remain in the 6% range.

Breaking It Down

  • 30-year terms have fallen by half a percentage point to 7.625%.
  • 20-year terms have decreased by over a quarter of a percentage point to 7.75%.
  • 10-year terms have edged down to 6.25%.
  • 15-year terms have increased by a full percentage point.

Choosing the Right Term

If you’re all about interest savings, the 10-year term at 6.25% is today’s golden opportunity. On the flip side, if you prefer smaller monthly payments, 30-year terms at 7.625% are your best bet.

To seize these mortgage rates, head to Credible’s secure website. Their mortgage calculator can help you estimate monthly payments without impacting your credit score.

Mortgage Refinance Rates

Turning the spotlight on mortgage refinancing, the story shifts slightly. Refinance rates have remained consistent, dwelling in the 6% range for four consecutive days.

The Details

  • 10-year and 30-year term rates remain unchanged at 6.25% and 6.875%, respectively.
  • 15-year and 20-year terms have inched up to 6.125% and 6.875%, respectively.

Refinancing Strategies

If your aim is a lower monthly payment, consider the longer terms available today. However, if you’re all about interest savings, don’t miss out on the 15-year term at 6.125%.

A Historical Perspective

Comparing today’s rates to the past is eye-opening. Mortgage interest rates are currently far below the historical high of 16.63% in 1981. Just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage for 2019 stood at 3.94%. In 2021, it dropped further to 2.96%, marking the lowest annual average in three decades.

This historic drop in rates presents an opportunity for homeowners with mortgages dating back to 2019 or earlier. Refinancing at today’s lower rates could yield substantial interest savings. However, remember to factor in additional costs like appraisal, application, origination, and attorney’s fees, which contribute to the overall mortgage expense.

The Influencing Factors

Various factors, including economic conditions, central bank policies, and investor sentiment, influence mortgage rates’ movement. Credible’s reported rates are based on information from partner lenders who compensate them. These rates assume a borrower with a 700 credit score, obtaining a conventional loan for a single-family primary residence with a 20% down payment and minimal discount points.

Shopping for the Best Rate

To secure the lowest possible monthly mortgage payment, it’s wise to compare rates from different lenders. Research from Freddie Mac suggests that by obtaining just one additional rate quote, borrowers can save an average of $1,500 over the life of their loan. By comparing five rate quotes, the savings can soar to an average of $3,000.

If you’re in pursuit of the perfect mortgage rate, Credible’s free online tool simplifies the process. Compare multiple lenders and access prequalified rates within minutes.

In a world of fluctuating finances, these mortgage rate insights may be the key to unlocking significant savings for homebuyers and homeowners alike. Stay informed, and make the most of these opportunities!

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