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Kraft Heinz Recalls 83,800 Cases of Kraft Singles Amid Choking Concerns

In a proactive move to ensure consumer safety, Kraft Heinz has issued a voluntary recall of approximately 83,800 cases of individually wrapped Kraft Singles processed American cheese slices. This decision stems from concerns over a potential choking hazard associated with these products.

A Packaging Predicament

The recall was initiated due to a temporary issue that arose in one of Kraft Heinz’s wrapping machines. This glitch created a scenario in which a thin strip of the individual film could adhere to the cheese slice, even after the wrapper had been removed. Kraft Heinz released a statement explaining the situation, stating, “If the film sticks to the slice and is not removed, it could be unpleasant and potentially cause a gagging or choking hazard.”

Prompted by Consumer Complaints

The discovery of this issue came to light after Kraft Heinz received several complaints from consumers who had found plastic film residue on the cheese slices. Among these complaints, six individuals reported instances of choking or gagging related to the problem.

No Reported Injuries or Serious Health Concerns

Thankfully, as of now, there have been no reports of injuries or serious health issues resulting from this packaging flaw.

Impacted Products

The recall specifically affects the 16-ounce Kraft Singles American Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product with an individual package UPC of 0 2100061526 1. These products bear a “Best When Used By” date falling between 10 JAN 24 and 27 JAN 24. To identify the impacted individual packages, consumers should look for the manufacturing code, which will include an ‘S’ and ’72’.

Additionally, the recall extends to 3-pound multipacks of the Kraft Singles American Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product. These multipacks carry a carton UPC of 0 2100060491 3 and are marked with “Best When Used By” dates of 09 JAN 2024 through 13 JAN 2024 and 16 JAN 2024, according to the company’s official statement.

Consumer Safety First

In light of the recall, Kraft Heinz has issued a clear directive to consumers who have purchased these affected items. They strongly advise against consuming them and recommend returning the products to the store where they were originally purchased. Customers can expect to receive either an exchange or a refund for the recalled items.

Swift Resolution and Prevention Measures

Kraft Heinz has taken swift action to address the issue at its root. The company has repaired the problematic machine responsible for the defective packaging, ensuring that this problem will not recur. Furthermore, all other processing machines have undergone rigorous inspections to guarantee the safety and quality of their products.


In an era where consumer safety is paramount, Kraft Heinz’s voluntary recall serves as a testament to their commitment to ensuring the well-being of their customers. While the recall may be an inconvenience, it underscores the importance of vigilance in the food industry and the dedication of companies like Kraft Heinz to delivering safe and high-quality products to consumers nationwide.

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