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“Granny Jo Products: Transforming Lives with Dignity and Independence for Seniors”

In Lakeland, Florida, the significance of Grandparents Day on September 10, 2023, takes on a whole new meaning, thanks to JoAnn Tilghman, the visionary entrepreneur behind Granny Jo Products. Tilghman’s mission is to provide “dignity and independence” to older adults, inspired by her mother-in-law’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease and her mother’s hip replacement journey.

A Visionary Entrepreneur

JoAnn Tilghman’s product line, primarily American-made, is redefining how people care for and honor their beloved elderly family members. She believes in promoting dignity in aging, and on Grandparents Day, she encourages everyone to celebrate the wisdom, love, and grace of their grandparents and elderly loved ones through thoughtful products.

Before launching her small business, Tilghman led the life of an average American mom, complete with minivans and bake sales. She had been deeply involved in her community, serving as PTA president, Boy Scout den mother, and Sunday School teacher. However, her journey took a remarkable turn in 2006 when she became the founder and president of a company whose products now reach customers worldwide.

The Birth of a Life-Changing Idea

Tilghman’s journey began when she was caring for her mother-in-law. While making tea or soup, she noticed her mother-in-law struggling with a one-handled ceramic mug. The single handle made it unsteady and awkward for her to hold. Realizing that the issue wasn’t the weight but the habit of using a one-handled mug, Tilghman decided to take action.

She enlisted the help of her son, James, and together they designed a mug with two handles. The simple yet ingenious solution instantly solved the problem. She named her creation the “Dignity Mug” and set her sights high. Within a week, she knew that this product needed to be in the market to help others facing the same challenge.

A Mission to Promote Dignity and Independence

From that moment, Tilghman’s mission expanded. Today, her company offers a range of products that provide “dignity and independence” to those who use them. Nearly all of these items are proudly made in America, and Tilghman is committed to achieving 100% American-made status as soon as possible.

On their website, satisfied customers share their experiences. One customer, who purchased the Dignity Mug for their mother, describes it as a prized possession, with their mother even traveling with it and warning everyone to handle it with care.

A Line of Thoughtful Products

Among the offerings is the Camouflage Walker/Wheelchair/Scooter Bag, also made in America. This bag, constructed from heavy and durable camouflage fabric, features easy-to-use clips for attachment to any mobility device. It includes an 8-inch by 6-inch exterior pocket with a hook and loop closure, measuring 17 by 9 inches.

Tilghman proudly proclaims on her website, “We believe that our products can make a difference in the quality of life, and we are proud to have developed this line of items to help the people we love stay active, independent, comfortable, and fashionable.”

Perfect Holiday Gifts

With the holiday season on the horizon, it’s impossible to overlook the potential of these products as thoughtful Christmas or holiday gifts. They not only demonstrate love and care for elderly family members but also provide practical solutions for everyday challenges.

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