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Ford Unveils Cutting-Edge 2024 F-150 with Innovative Features

In a grand reveal at the Detroit Auto Show, Ford has taken the wraps off the latest iteration of America’s favorite truck, the 2024 F-150. The event was marked by enthusiasm as Ford Vice President Andrew Frick expressed his excitement, saying, “It’s a big week for Ford and F-150. We’re having a great year, and, obviously, F-150 being the crown jewel, we’re excited to be launching a new one.”

Pro Access Tailgate Revolutionizes Pickup Trucks

One of the standout features of the 2024 Ford F-150 is the revolutionary “pro access tailgate.” This innovation allows the tailgate to open from the driver’s side, even when a trailer is hitched. With a wide opening of up to 100 degrees and built-in stops to prevent collisions with the trailer jack, it also offers increased storage capacity within arm’s reach in the truck bed. Andrew Frick emphasized its significance, stating, “You can open the bed while you’re actually towing a trailer or boat or whatever, you can actually get in full body. You don’t have to compromise your access to the tailgate at all, and you don’t have to take the trailer off to get into it.”

Affordable Pricing for All

Ford is keen on keeping the F-150 accessible to a wide range of customers. Frick announced that pricing would remain competitive, with the starting price at $35,570 for the XL regular cab, ensuring affordability for a broad audience. Frick explained, “The beauty of what F-Series does is it spans a price band that starts in the $30,000 range and goes up as high as $100,000 with the Raptor R. But the bulk of our volume obviously is sold in that XLT range. That’s where our highest mix is, and that’s in the mid-40s to $50,000 range. So, it’s very accessible depending on what you are looking for.”

The F-150 Tremor for Off-Road Enthusiasts

Ford is also catering to off-road enthusiasts with the F-150 Tremor. This model is designed for customers seeking enhanced off-road capabilities, surpassing the capabilities of the FX4 package. Frick emphasized its unique positioning, stating, “So, we have one that’s more for towing capability and one that’s really set up to do off-road. Obviously, the Raptor and Raptor R can do that as well, but the Tremor is a great new option for customers this year.”

Hybrid Power Gains Momentum

In line with the growing interest in hybrid pickups, Ford is increasing the production of its Powerboost Hybrid variant in the 2024 F-150. Frick shared the company’s ambitious plan, saying, “We’re the only one that offers a hybrid, and we’re actually looking to increase our hybrid mix from about 10% next year to about 20% of our overall mix.” While hybrids won’t be available in the XL or STX packages initially, they will be offered in every other 2024 Ford F-150 package.

F-Series: The Backbone of Ford

Ford’s F-Series pickups continue to be the cornerstone of the company’s success. Sales have been stellar, with approximately 515,000 F-Series sold year-to-date, marking a remarkable 22% increase from the previous year. Ford enjoys a substantial lead in the pickup segment, with an almost 158,000-unit advantage over the second-place competitor. Frick proudly asserted, “We’re looking to extend our 46 years of leadership to 47. And we’ve actually expanded our leadership position this year versus a year ago by more than 72,000 units.”

Made in America

Ford takes pride in its commitment to manufacturing in the United States. Frick emphasized this point, stating, “100% of Ford F-Series trucks are assembled in America, and we’re very, very proud of that.”

Availability and Ordering

The eagerly awaited 2024 Ford F-150 is expected to hit dealerships in the first quarter of 2024. To meet the growing demand, Ford will open its order banks for customers looking to reserve their own 2024 F-150 immediately following the reveal event.

In summary, the 2024 Ford F-150 promises a blend of innovation, affordability, and versatility that will undoubtedly maintain its status as the best-selling truck in America. With features like the pro access tailgate and the expansion of hybrid options, Ford is poised to continue leading the way in the pickup truck market.

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