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Ethical Lapses Shake Cboe Global Markets as CEO Edward Tilly Resigns

In a shocking turn of events, the Chairman and CEO of Cboe Global Markets, Edward Tilly, has tendered his resignation following an investigation into his failure to disclose personal relationships with colleagues. This abrupt departure has sent ripples through the financial world, raising questions about corporate ethics and transparency.

Probe Reveals Ethical Violations

The investigation that led to Tilly’s resignation was initiated by Cboe’s board of directors with the assistance of independent counsel. The findings were damning – Tilly had violated Cboe’s policies by failing to disclose these relationships, which the company emphasized as being in stark contrast to its core values.

Immediate Succession Plan

In the wake of Tilly’s departure, the board swiftly appointed Fredric Tomczyk, a current Cboe board member and former TD Ameritrade President and CEO, as the new Chief Executive Officer. This move aims to ensure a seamless transition and maintain stability within the organization. Simultaneously, lead director William Farrow has taken on the role of non-executive chairman.

“Cboe strives to uphold the highest ethical standards across the organization,” said Farrow in a statement. “Fred’s familiarity with Cboe’s business, combined with his multi-decade experience in the financial services industry, will provide stability and reinforce the company’s commitment to growth for Cboe, its associates, customers, index partners, and investors during this period of transition.”

A Career Cut Short

Edward Tilly’s journey at Cboe began in 1987 as a trading floor clerk. Over the years, he ascended through the ranks, eventually becoming the CEO in 2013. However, his biography page has been swiftly removed from the Cboe website, and he has not made any immediate comments regarding his resignation.

A Pattern of Disclosure Failures

Tilly’s departure is not an isolated incident. It follows a trend in the corporate world where leaders fail to disclose personal relationships with colleagues, often leading to their downfall. Just a week prior, Bernard Looney resigned as the CEO of BP under similar circumstances, after the energy giant discovered undisclosed personal relationships.

The repercussions of such actions are substantial, with companies increasingly taking a hard stance on transparency and ethical conduct. For instance, McDonald’s ousted former CEO Steve Easterbrook in 2019 for engaging in a “consensual relationship with an employee,” while former Intel CEO Brian Krzanich stepped down in 2018 after the semiconductor manufacturer uncovered his “past relationship with an Intel employee.”


Edward Tilly’s resignation from Cboe Global Markets serves as a stark reminder of the importance of ethical conduct and transparency in the corporate world. As companies continue to hold their leaders to higher standards, the consequences of failing to disclose personal relationships are severe. Fredric Tomczyk steps into the role of CEO, tasked with restoring trust and maintaining Cboe’s commitment to growth in these challenging times.

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