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California Governor Gavin Newsom Vetoes Bill Banning Heavy-Duty Driverless Trucks

In a decision that has sparked controversy across the state, California Governor Gavin Newsom has vetoed Assembly Bill 316, defying the wishes of labor unions and sending a clear message about the state’s stance on autonomous vehicles. The bill, which had received widespread support in both the California Senate and Assembly, aimed to prohibit the operation of heavy-duty driverless trucks on public roads without the presence of a human safety operator.

Labor Unions and Supporters Rally for the Bill

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, along with thousands of labor allies, elected officials, and public safety advocates, rallied at the State Capitol in a passionate plea for Governor Newsom to sign the bill into law. Teamsters General President Sean O’Brien emphasized the importance of protecting middle-class jobs and expressed concerns that prioritizing technology over employment opportunities could have far-reaching consequences.

Governor Newsom’s Veto Decision

However, on Friday, Governor Newsom vetoed the bill, asserting that existing laws already provided sufficient regulatory authority over heavy-duty autonomous vehicle technology. He pointed to legislation enacted in 2012, which granted the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) the power to oversee the testing and deployment of autonomous vehicles on public roads within California.

The DMV’s Role in Autonomous Vehicle Regulation

Governor Newsom highlighted the DMV’s diligent efforts in consulting with entities such as the California Highway Patrol and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to establish regulations ensuring the safe operation of autonomous vehicles on public roads. He emphasized that the DMV continually monitors the testing and operations of autonomous vehicles and possesses the authority to suspend or revoke permits if public safety is compromised.

A Commitment to Workforce Development

Governor Newsom underscored his commitment to fostering career pathways and providing training opportunities for the workforce associated with autonomous vehicle technology. He acknowledged the ongoing development of autonomous vehicles in California and announced the Labor and Workforce Development Agency’s role in leading a stakeholder process to review and formulate recommendations for mitigating potential employment impacts resulting from the testing and deployment of autonomous heavy-duty vehicles.

Legislative Override Unlikely

In California, overriding a governor’s veto requires a two-thirds majority vote in both chambers of the legislature. However, this has not occurred since 1979, making it improbable that the vetoed bill will be resurrected through legislative means.

Governor Newsom’s decision to veto Assembly Bill 316 has ignited a fierce debate between proponents of technological progress and those advocating for job preservation. It reflects California’s commitment to maintaining its position as a hub for innovation in autonomous vehicles while simultaneously recognizing the importance of protecting its workforce in an ever-evolving technological landscape. The future of heavy-duty driverless trucks in the state remains a topic of intense discussion, with implications that reach far beyond California’s borders.

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