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Artificial Intelligence Poses Existential Threat to Humanity, Warns Leading Ethicist

Artificial intelligence (AI) could present an existential threat to humanity if it continues on its current path unchecked, warns technology ethicist Tristan Harris. In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital at the Senate’s inaugural AI Insight Forum, Harris stressed the importance of regulating AI to ensure a safe future.

During the forum, lawmakers heard from prominent figures like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, as well as union leaders and experts in the field. Harris noted that when Senator Schumer asked if the government should regulate AI, all attendees, including CEOs, raised their hands in agreement.

Harris expressed his concerns about the unchecked race among AI companies to release new capabilities, emphasizing that this race poses significant risks to society. He argued that AI’s future is predictable, as it’s primarily focused on releasing new capabilities rather than addressing critical issues like cancer or climate change.

He highlighted the need for an unprecedented response to regulate AI, acknowledging that it won’t be as simple as passing a law. While the specific regulatory framework wasn’t discussed in detail during the forum, Harris emphasized the importance of having some form of oversight, similar to the role of agencies like the FAA and FDA in other industries.

In summary, Tristan Harris, a leading voice in technology ethics, warns that AI’s current trajectory poses a threat to humanity, and he advocates for robust regulation to ensure a safer future.

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