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Walmart’s Executives Triumph in Annual Interns v. Executives Softball Showdown

Bentonville, AR – In a spirited display of camaraderie and friendly competition, Walmart’s top brass clashed with their interns on the softball field, marking another successful chapter in the company’s rich tradition. The Interns v. Executives softball game, a cherished legacy spanning decades, took place at Bentonville High School in Bentonville, Arkansas, the very heart of Walmart’s operations.

CEO Doug McMillon took to LinkedIn to share the highlights of this jovial clash of generations. The photograph accompanying his post captured a moment of unity as interns and executives encircled a gleaming trophy on the sun-soaked field. This annual event is more than a game; it’s a testament to Walmart’s dedication to fostering connections and teamwork, both within the company and beyond.

Under the summer sun, the interns donned crisp white shirts proudly emblazoned with “Interns,” while their seasoned counterparts sported distinguished blue shirts that marked them as executives. This visual contrast aptly symbolized the friendly rivalry that unfolded on the diamond.

This year’s match, however, saw the Execs clinch a resounding victory, besting the Interns with a commanding score of 18-5. The sound of cheers and laughter reverberated across the field as McMillon and his fellow executives celebrated their triumph. Such an outcome is a testament to the leadership and teamwork ingrained in Walmart’s corporate culture.

As the summer sun sets on Walmart’s bustling headquarters, the echoes of the game resonate within the walls of the company. The summer internship program welcomed over 700 interns this year, each contributing their unique perspectives and energy to the company’s operations. This program serves as a bridge between academia and the corporate world, offering students a taste of the challenges and rewards that lie ahead.

But this isn’t the first time McMillon has taken to social media to share the game’s outcome. Last year, he recounted a close match where the summer interns secured a 10-8 win against the Walmart executives. McMillon’s LinkedIn post from 2022 reminisced about the collective aches and pains that followed the game but highlighted the immeasurable fun that was had.

The history of this friendly competition traces back to 1999, when Walmart inaugurated the Intern v. Executives softball game. What began as a small-scale event has blossomed into a tradition that showcases the company’s values of collaboration, sportsmanship, and a touch of lightheartedness.

In the heart of Bentonville, where the retail giant’s journey began, the softball field transforms into a playground of unity every year. The interns and executives, though separated by roles, come together in the spirit of the game, demonstrating that beyond the spreadsheets and boardrooms, Walmart is a family.


Walmart’s annual Interns v. Executives softball game stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to fostering camaraderie and teamwork. This year’s resounding victory for the Execs, captured in the iconic photograph, symbolizes more than just a score; it represents the unity and collaborative spirit that define Walmart’s culture. As summer fades, the legacy of this game lives on, reminding us that even in the world of business, a little friendly competition can go a long way in building lasting connections.

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