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Survey Shows More Americans Hitting the Road for Summer Trips

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A recent survey conducted by Vacationer revealed that this summer, more Americans are eager to embark on their dream vacations. Approximately 85% of U.S. adults, roughly 219 million people, have set their sights on travel this season. This represents a 5% increase compared to the previous year, signifying a strong resurgence in the travel industry.

Road Tripping is the Preferred Mode of Travel

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Out of the 219 million Americans planning to travel this summer, a staggering 100 million have chosen to hit the road as their mode of transportation to reach their desired destinations. The pandemic’s lingering effects have left many hesitant to fly, with 45.92% of respondents stating that they will avoid air travel altogether. The younger generation, particularly those aged 18-29, are more likely to take to the skies, while older individuals tend to prefer the security and familiarity of the road.

Gas Prices Offer Respite Amid Rising Costs

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Motorists planning road trips this summer can find some relief in the gas prices compared to the previous year. Gas prices have remained steady, hovering around $3.50 to $3.60 per gallon nationwide. This is significantly lower than the $4.80 per gallon average from one year ago. The decrease in gas prices is expected to cushion travelers from the impacts of inflation and rising costs in other travel essentials.

Inflation Impacts Travel Plans

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Despite the favorable gas prices, other travel essentials like hotels and airfare have seen significant price hikes. A survey conducted by GasBuddy revealed that nearly 40% of Americans are reconsidering their travel plans this summer due to inflation and overall high prices. The uncertainty surrounding the economy, compounded by factors such as rising interest rates and a banking crisis, has left many cautious about committing to their road trip plans.

Saving on Summer Road Trips

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For those looking to save on their summer road trips, there are several steps they can take. GasBuddy recommends shopping around for the best gas prices, as this can lead to savings of up to 30 cents per gallon. Additionally, being mindful of state tax changes and summer gasoline requirements can help avoid overpaying at the pump.

It’s also essential for drivers to avoid letting their gas tanks run empty, as this can limit their options and lead to unnecessary stress on the road. Surprisingly, 64% of Americans admit to coming close to or running out of gas while on the road.

Furthermore, drivers should consider exploring new auto insurance options to reduce costs. By switching to providers that offer discounts for low-risk behaviors, drivers could save up to 15%, amounting to an average of $258 in yearly savings per driver, according to Insurify’s report.

Shop Smart for Auto Insurance

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If you’re considering changing your auto insurance provider, visiting Credible is a prudent choice. By comparing quotes from multiple companies, you can find a personalized premium that suits your needs, all without affecting your credit score. Credible’s user-friendly marketplace streamlines the process, making it convenient and efficient.

In conclusion, this summer, Americans are making travel a priority, with a significant number choosing road trips as their preferred mode of transportation. While gas prices offer some relief, inflation and rising costs continue to impact travel decisions. To mitigate expenses, individuals should explore ways to save on gas, avoid letting their tanks run empty, and consider switching to auto insurance providers offering discounts for low-risk behaviors. With careful planning and smart choices, Americans can enjoy a memorable and cost-effective summer on the road.

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