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Universal Studios in Los Angeles Denies Accusations of Shady Practices Amidst Strike

Universal Studios in Los Angeles faced allegations from its striking writers and actors when they claimed that the company intentionally trimmed tree branches outside its premises to deny workers shade during a local heat wave. The claims led to heated debates and an investigation into the matter.

Workers’ Struggle for Shade

The striking workers accused Universal Studios of deliberately cutting tree branches to make their demonstrations more challenging amidst scorching temperatures. They also claimed that the company had neglected to create safe pathways around construction sites, forcing them to patrol busy streets with heavy car traffic, leading to accidents. The unions promptly filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board to address these issues.

Universal’s Response

Universal Studios denied any malicious intent in trimming the trees. In a statement to Fox News Digital, the company asserted that the tree trimming was done as part of its annual maintenance routine and had inadvertently created challenges for demonstrators. They assured the public that they were working with licensed arborists to provide shade coverage and support the rights of the writers and actors to demonstrate.

L.A. City Controller’s Investigation

The accusations against Universal caught the attention of L.A. city controller Kenneth Mejia, who took to social media to address the situation. He clarified that the ficus trees in question were managed by the city and companies were required to obtain permits before conducting any work on them. Mejia revealed that no tree trimming permits had been issued for the location outside Universal Studios in the past three years. The city had also not issued any permits for the recent tree trimmings, raising eyebrows over the situation.

The Denial of Violation

Universal Studios maintained its stance, denying any violation of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). They firmly believed that they had fulfilled all their legal obligations under the NLRA and expressed willingness to cooperate with any investigations conducted by the National Labor Relations Board.

H2: Universal Studios’ Commitment

In its statement, Universal Studios emphasized its commitment to supporting the writers’ and actors’ right to demonstrate. They acknowledged the unintentional challenges posed by the tree trimming and assured the public that they were actively working to provide shade coverage for the demonstrators.

Working Towards Resolution

The situation has raised concerns among both workers and the public, prompting discussions about workers’ rights and company responsibility. As the investigation progresses, all parties involved hope for a fair resolution that ensures the safety and well-being of the demonstrators while upholding the standards set by labor laws.

H2: The Path Forward

As the investigation into the tree trimming allegations unfolds, Universal Studios faces the challenge of restoring trust with its workforce and the community. Cooperation with the authorities and transparency in the investigation process will be crucial to reaching a resolution that satisfies all parties involved.


Universal Studios finds itself in the midst of a contentious situation, where accusations of intentional tree trimming have led to a strike and investigations. While the company denies any wrongdoing, it acknowledges the unintended consequences of its actions. As the situation develops, the focus remains on providing shade to the demonstrators and addressing the concerns raised by the striking writers and actors. All eyes are on the ongoing investigation to determine the truth behind the tree-trimming incident and ensure a fair resolution for all involved parties.

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