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Peacock’s Price Hike Signals Confidence in Content Expansion

Peacock subscribers are in for a surprise as the streaming service from NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation, announces a price increase. New subscribers have already started experiencing the updated pricing, while existing ones will face the changes starting August 17, as reported by NBCUniversal. This comes after Peacock had maintained a steady price since its launch in 2020.

Under the new plan, Peacock’s premium subscription will now cost $5.99 per month, marking a $1 increase from its previous price. The revised prices for both tiers are already live on the streaming service’s website. The premium plus subscription, offering mostly ad-free content, has risen by $2 in monthly fees, slightly more than the hike implemented for the premium tier.

Peacock justifies the price adjustment as a means to invest in a better user experience and high-quality content while remaining competitive in the market. The streaming service boasts an extensive catalog that has expanded by a staggering 80,000 hours since 2020.

Expanding Content Catalog and Subscriber Milestones

Comcast Corp, Peacock’s parent company, recently reported that the number of Peacock subscribers had reached approximately 22 million by late April. This indicates significant growth, considering the subscriber count had been just over 20 million at the end of 2022.

CFO Jason Armstrong expressed his satisfaction with Peacock’s latest subscriber count, calling it a terrific milestone on their path to scaling the service. While the streaming service generated $685 million in revenue for the quarter, it also incurred an EBITDA loss of $704 million during the same period.

A Path to Breaking Even

Despite the current losses, Comcast remains optimistic about Peacock’s future. Armstrong assured analysts and investors that they anticipate peak losses of around $3 billion for Peacock, with a steady improvement to follow. The company’s president, Michael Cavanaugh, reaffirmed Comcast’s commitment to invest in Peacock, believing that the positive results would lead the service to break even and grow further.

Competitive Market Trends

Peacock is not the only streaming service to increase its prices. Other streaming competitors have cited similar reasons as they adjust their own subscription costs. The industry’s ongoing battle for content rights and original programming has driven companies to enhance their offerings, which inevitably affects subscription prices.


Peacock’s decision to raise subscription prices reflects its confidence in its expanding content catalog and growing subscriber base. As the streaming wars continue, companies like Peacock are taking bold steps to remain competitive and deliver the best user experience possible. The increased revenue from the price hike will be crucial in supporting further investment in high-quality content, ultimately benefiting subscribers in the long run.

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