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Lawsuit Filed Against Property Management Company Over Unlivable Conditions in Philadelphia Apartments

In a recent development, the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office has taken legal action against SBG Management Services, a property management company operating in and around Philadelphia. The lawsuit was filed following numerous complaints from tenants who reported living in appalling conditions, including cockroach-infested apartments and sewage issues. These grievances have sparked a major legal battle over tenant rights and housing maintenance.

Unbearable Living Conditions

Tenants residing in SBG properties, such as Lindley Towers and Cresheim Valley Apartments in Philadelphia, have allegedly endured serious and recurrent issues. These problems range from deteriorating interiors and exteriors to infestations of rodents and cockroaches. Reports also cite broken doors and locks, excessive leaks, water damage, and even exposure to raw sewage and mold. The conditions have left residents in distress and uncertainty about their health and safety.

AG’s Lawsuit Allegations

The lawsuit filed by the Attorney General’s office accuses SBG Management Services of multiple violations, particularly the failure to maintain safe housing conditions. Furthermore, the company is alleged to have retaliated against tenants who dared to file complaints with the Office of the Attorney General. Such actions have raised serious concerns about tenant rights and the responsibility of property management companies in providing habitable living spaces.

Previous Cited Violations

This is not the first time Lindley Towers and Cresheim Valley Apartments have faced scrutiny. Philadelphia’s building safety department had previously issued citations for code violations, including electrical hazards and structural problems. In fact, Lindley Towers experienced a partial collapse in September 2022, which led to the evacuation of approximately 100 tenants. The incident prompted both the city of Philadelphia and a legal aid nonprofit to file lawsuits against SBG Management Services regarding the conditions at the complex.

Tales of Discontent

Among the affected tenants, stories of hardship and neglect have emerged. Two residents at Lindley Towers reportedly had their electricity disconnected after withholding rent due to ongoing housing issues that remained unaddressed. Their power was only restored after they paid their rent. Another tenant at Cresheim Valley Apartments spoke anonymously to the Philadelphia Inquirer about the grim situation, describing how sewage would accumulate in the basement like a stagnant pond.

Tenants Vow to Fight

Despite the dire circumstances, tenants are determined to fight for their rights and homes. For many, these apartments are not just places of residence but cherished communities they’ve called home for years. The tenants have expressed their resilience and resolve to ensure that their grievances are heard and addressed properly.

AG’s Stance

Attorney General Michelle Henry has made it clear that the neglect of tenants’ safety and basic human needs will not be tolerated. She condemned the alleged retaliatory fees imposed on tenants who spoke up about the living conditions, describing them as unfair and intimidating. The office’s press release expressed a commitment to holding landlords accountable for failing to maintain properties, which puts Pennsylvanians at risk.

Seeking Justice and Changes

The lawsuit seeks restitution for affected consumers and also calls for restrictions on SBG Management Services, preventing them from renewing lease agreements or collecting rent until all required licenses and certifications are in good standing. The aim is to ensure that such conditions do not persist, and tenants are provided with the safe and habitable living spaces they rightfully deserve.

Call for Action

The Attorney General’s office encourages anyone who has faced similar issues with SBG Management Services to come forward and file a complaint online with the Bureau of Consumer Protection. This collective action can help further strengthen the case against the property management company and ensure that tenant rights are protected in the future.

In conclusion, the lawsuit against SBG Management Services sheds light on the importance of upholding tenant rights and maintaining safe and habitable housing. It serves as a reminder that property management companies must be held accountable for their responsibilities in providing proper living conditions to their tenants. The battle for justice and change continues as affected tenants and the Attorney General’s office work together to seek a resolution and ensure a better future for all residents.

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