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Jason Aldean’s “Try That In A Small Town” Climbs the Charts Amid Controversy

Country music sensation Jason Aldean finds himself in the midst of a whirlwind of controversy surrounding his recently-released video for the song “Try That In a Small Town.” The attempt to “cancel” him over the video’s content appears to have backfired, as the song has now claimed the top spot on the US iTunes charts, according to Billboard Charts.

The storm began when Country Music Television (CMT) made a surprising move by pulling the “Try That In a Small Town” video from its rotation. The network’s decision came after social media erupted with accusations of racism, claiming that the video’s messaging and setting were inappropriate.

Critics pointed out that Aldean had filmed the video at the Maury County Courthouse in Columbia, Tenn., where a grim historical event occurred in 1927. A white lynch mob had lynched Henry Choate, dragging his lifeless body through the streets with a car. The choice of this location to sing about “murdering people who don’t respect police” was met with outrage, as many believed it alluded to a racially charged narrative.

The Mississippi Free Press editor, Ashton Pittman, tweeted his discontent on Monday, further fueling the controversy. Aldean, however, took to social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to firmly deny any racist intent in his song or video.

The musician defended his work, stating that the song’s lyrics contained no references to race and argued that the video comprised entirely of real news footage. While he acknowledged differing interpretations of music, he maintained that the accusations of racism went too far.

H2: Clash of Perspectives

The video for “Try That In A Small Town” presented a montage of clips featuring protesters clashing with police in major US cities, sparking more intense debate. Despite CMT’s decision, the official music video remained available on YouTube, where it garnered 1.4 million views within just five days of its release.

Boost in Sales and Streaming

Ironically, the attempts to “cancel” Jason Aldean only seem to have fueled his popularity. Following the removal of the video from CMT, “Try That In A Small Town” unexpectedly soared to the top of the US iTunes charts. Billboard Charts reported this overnight, highlighting the song’s newfound success.

Luminate, an entertainment data firm responsible for supplying sales numbers to Billboard, clarified that its database updates weekly. Thus, the firm could only confirm the actual sales and streaming data from all platforms, including Apple’s iTunes, after vetting and verification.

As of July 13, just a day before the video’s release, Aldean’s lifetime combined physical and digital album sales had already reached an impressive 12.3 million. Additionally, track sales stood at 23.9 million, while on-demand streams (including audio and video) reached a staggering 11.6 billion.

H2: Aldean’s Impact on the Country Music Scene

Jason Aldean’s rising popularity is a testament to his influence within the country music scene. Despite the controversy surrounding his latest release, he continues to capture the hearts of fans and maintain a strong presence in the industry.


The unfolding drama surrounding Jason Aldean’s “Try That In a Small Town” has provided a glimpse into the complexities of art, interpretation, and social response. While critics argued that the video’s setting and message were in poor taste, the song’s surge to the top of the iTunes charts shows that Aldean’s fanbase remains steadfast. As the debate rages on, it’s clear that the power of music to provoke emotions and reactions is as potent as ever.

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