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Historic Drop in Mortgage Rates: Homeowners Benefit from Record-Low Interest

In a groundbreaking turn of events, mortgage rates have taken an unexpected shift, presenting both opportunities and considerations for potential homebuyers and homeowners looking to refinance. Credible, a prominent personal finance marketplace, has recently released data on mortgage rates, revealing a notable change in the landscape.

Mortgage Rates for Home Purchases: A Diverging Path

As of July 19, 2023, mortgage rates for various terms have showcased intriguing patterns. While the rates for 30-year terms have remained steady at 7.5%, the 20-year terms experienced a quarter-point decrease to 7.875%. On the other hand, the 10-year and 15-year terms have held their ground, remaining unchanged at 5.625% and 7.125%, respectively.

What This Means for Borrowers: Homebuyers seeking to maximize their interest savings should explore the 10-year terms, which are currently at a historic low of 5.625%. For those who prefer a smaller monthly payment, the 30-year terms offer the most attractive rates out of the longer options.

Finding the Best Mortgage Rates with Credible

To navigate through the labyrinth of mortgage rates and lenders, borrowers can turn to Credible’s secured website. This platform empowers potential homebuyers by displaying current mortgage rates from multiple lenders without affecting their credit score. Additionally, Credible’s mortgage calculator provides a handy tool to estimate monthly mortgage payments accurately.

Mortgage Refinance Rates: A Mixed Bag

For homeowners considering mortgage refinancing, the landscape is slightly more complex. As of July 19, 2023, the rates for 10-year and 30-year terms have maintained their positions at 5.625% and 6.625%, respectively. However, the 15-year terms experienced a slight increase, reaching 5.875%, while the 20-year terms saw a mild decrease to 6.375%.

The Smart Move: Homeowners looking to secure a lower mortgage payment should seriously consider the 20-year terms, as they currently boast rates a quarter-point lower than the 30-year terms. However, the most attractive option for borrowers aiming to save significantly on interest lies in the 10-year terms at 5.625%.

A History-Making Drop in Interest Rates

The current mortgage interest rates showcase an astonishing contrast with the past. Back in 1981, Freddie Mac recorded the highest annual average rate at a staggering 16.63%. In 2019, before the world experienced the COVID-19 pandemic’s upheaval, the average interest rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage was a relatively moderate 3.94%. However, 2021 witnessed a historic low, with an average rate of 2.96% – the lowest in three decades.

Benefitting Homeowners: Those who obtained mortgages in 2019 or earlier are presented with a golden opportunity to reap substantial interest savings by refinancing at the current record-low interest rates.

The Factors Influencing Mortgage Rates

Various elements contribute to the ever-fluctuating mortgage rates, including changing economic conditions, central bank policies, investor sentiment, and other market dynamics. In the case of Credible’s average mortgage rates and mortgage refinance rates, the data is compiled based on information provided by partner lenders who compensate Credible.

Important Considerations: The rates are established under the assumption of a borrower with a 700 credit score and seeking a conventional loan for a single-family home, to be used as their primary residence. Moreover, the rates assume minimal discount points and a down payment of 20%.

The Variable Nature of Mortgage Rates

It’s essential to understand that the mortgage rates reported by Credible offer only a snapshot of the current average rates. The actual rate a borrower receives can vary based on multiple factors.

Factors Within Your Control: Some aspects, like your credit score, are directly within your control, allowing you to influence the interest rate you’re offered. However, other factors remain beyond your ability to affect.

From fluctuating rates to historic lows, the mortgage market is an ever-changing landscape. By staying informed and partnering with reputable financial platforms like Credible, borrowers can make more informed decisions, securing the best possible mortgage rates tailored to their unique needs. Whether it’s a first-time home purchase or refinancing an existing loan, the current financial climate presents an opportune moment to achieve significant interest savings.

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