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Ford Faces Challenge with F-150 Truck Recall Due to Wiring Issue

In a recent safety recall report filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Ford Motor Company has announced a massive recall of a significant number of F-150 trucks in the United States. The focus keyword of this news article is “Ford,” and the company is currently facing a challenging situation with its F-150 trucks. The issue revolves around a potential problem with the electric parking brakes, caused by a wiring-related concern.

The problem has been identified as contact with the rear axle housing, which may cause damage to a wiring harness. This damage could lead to an unexpected activation of the electric parking brake, posing a safety risk to both drivers and pedestrians.

The Scale of the Recall

The recall affects a staggering 870,701 trucks that belong to the model years 2021 through 2023. These vehicles come equipped with single exhaust systems and were produced over a span of approximately three years. The sheer number of potentially impacted trucks underscores the importance of addressing the issue promptly and effectively.

Concern for Public Safety

Ford is taking the matter seriously and prioritizing the safety of its customers. The affected truck owners will receive detailed letters explaining the recall and the proposed fix for the issue. Commencing on September 11th, the same date as the notification to dealers, customers will be informed of the actions they need to take.

Identifying the Problem

The recall report revealed that nearly 300 out of over 900 warranty and field reports pertaining to the F-150 trucks cited the wire chafing issue as the cause of the problem. Of those cases, around 19 instances involved an unintentional electric parking brake activation while the driver was operating the truck. While this is undoubtedly concerning, there have been no reported injuries or accidents stemming from the issue.

The Remedial Action

To rectify the problem, Ford dealerships will take one of two approaches. In some cases, the recalled trucks will have their harnesses replaced entirely with new ones. Alternatively, dealerships may apply a protective tie strap and tape wrap to the affected area at no cost to the owners.

The recall report specified that harness replacement will be carried out if the tape covering the area has experienced wear. The new harnesses will feature a plastic shield designed to prevent chafing and the associated problems with the electric parking brake.

The Investigation and Ford’s Proactive Stance

Ford’s investigation into the issue began in February when they started receiving reports of unintentional parking brake activation. Taking a proactive stance, the company promptly delved into the matter to identify the root cause and find a solution to protect their customers and ensure their vehicles’ safety.


The Ford Motor Company’s recall of hundreds of thousands of F-150 trucks due to a wiring-related problem with the electric parking brakes is a substantial undertaking. Ford has demonstrated its commitment to public safety by addressing the issue promptly and providing clear communication to both dealers and truck owners. With the planned harness replacements and protective measures, the company aims to eliminate the risk of electric parking brake activation, ensuring a safer driving experience for all Ford F-150 truck owners.

This news report highlights the significance of vehicle recalls and the importance of manufacturers being vigilant about identifying and resolving potential safety issues. As consumers, we rely on car manufacturers to prioritize our safety, and Ford’s response to this situation serves as an example of responsible corporate conduct.

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