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AMC’s Proposed Stock Conversion Plan Blocked by Judge, Shares Soar and Preferred Shares Plunge in After-Hours Trading

In a significant turn of events, the proposed settlement on AMC Entertainment Holdings’ stock conversion plan has been blocked by a judge, causing a surge in the company’s common shares while sending its preferred shares tumbling in after-hours trading. Delaware Vice Chancellor Morgan Zurn rendered the decision, expressing her inability to approve the settlement “as submitted,” citing concerns that it would release potential claims by preferred shareholders who were not adequately represented in the lawsuit or the proposed settlement.

As the news of the blocked settlement spread, AMC shares experienced a remarkable 69% increase, reaching $7.44 in trading after the bell, signaling a vote of confidence from the market. However, the same couldn’t be said for its preferred shares, which plummeted by 20% to $1.43, reflecting investor apprehension over the uncertain situation.

The legal saga began in February when AMC was sued over allegations of rigging a shareholder vote. The contentious vote aimed to enable AMC to convert preferred stock to common stock and issue a substantial number of new shares. While this move could help the company alleviate some of its crippling $5.1 billion debt, it would also dilute the ownership of common stockholders.

AMC has been upfront with its investors about the financial challenges it faces, acknowledging its unsustainable cash burn rate and warning of potential bankruptcy if it fails to raise capital. Unfortunately, the conversion plan’s execution is currently on hold, pending the resolution of the litigation.

The proposed settlement drew substantial objections from shareholders, with over 2,800 expressing their concerns—a level of interest that Vice Chancellor Zurn described as “unprecedented” in her Friday ruling. The situation highlighted the extraordinary dedication of AMC’s stockholder base, with many individuals showing passionate concern about their ownership stake in the company.

Despite the high number of objections, it was the judge’s determination that the holders of common stock lacked the authority to release AMC from any potential claims held by preferred shareholders. This crucial point had not been raised by the objectors themselves, leading to the rejection of the settlement.

Unprecedented Objections and Fearless Objectors

H2: Unprecedented Objections and Fearless Objectors

Numerous objectors sought permission to opt out of the settlement and pursue their grievances individually. They dismissed AMC’s dire financial predictions as mere “fear tactics,” demonstrating a firm belief in their stance against the proposed conversion plan.

The case, titled In re: AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. Stockholder Litigation, No. 2023-0215, is currently under the jurisdiction of the Delaware Court of Chancery, and the judge’s ruling has injected fresh uncertainty into the situation. The decision not only affects the future of the proposed settlement but also influences AMC’s ability to address its financial woes promptly.

The legal battle continues, and shareholders eagerly await the next steps in this high-stakes drama. As the story unfolds, investors and observers alike are on the edge of their seats, closely monitoring the developments that could shape the fate of one of the entertainment industry’s giants.

In conclusion, AMC’s proposed stock conversion plan has hit a roadblock as a judge deems the submitted settlement insufficient, leading to soaring common shares and plunging preferred shares. The company’s attempt to convert preferred stock to common stock and issue new shares has been met with strong objections from shareholders who fear the potential consequences for their ownership and the company’s future. With the settlement rejected and the legal battle ongoing, the fate of AMC Entertainment Holdings hangs in the balance, leaving investors and industry watchers eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this gripping saga.

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