Navigating Financial Waters, Empowering Your Decisions.

Investment and Retirement

Investing: Make your money make you more money

Hello guys, I am your financial educator, in this episode we will be discussing about investing and its types and importance also on where to invest your money.

This is a series of podcasts where I will be educating people on finance (money management), which many are taking for granted, this is the third episode of the podcast, our first one is an introductory podcast and the second podcast is about credit card management and debt pay off tips.

This podcast will surely help you take your first step towards investing and it has more valuable information.

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Dr. Paul Etienne is a financial and business consultant in Orlando, FL. Paul holds a Bachelor of Science degree, an MBA and a Doctorate in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. He has worked for large, well-known financial firms throughout his career. Paul and his wife Vanessa share their home inCentral Florida with one extraordinary daughter named Delaney and a wonderful son named Vansley. Paul brings his longstanding experience and vast knowledge of the financial sector to his audience through his book, podcast, training courses and blogs, in which he aims to help as many people as possible with a wide variety of financial advice. He also blogs regularly on www.madbu.comon subjects ranging from personal finance, debt, budgeting, real estate investing, mortgages and retirement and more. In his free time, Paul likes to play the guitar and code, investing in real estate and helping others to become more aware of their finances. He is a lifelong student of all things and is always learning about new ideas.The future, as far as Dr. Paul is concerned, will see him helping more and more people to learn about managing their personal finance and assets, so that they can remain financially secure with the help oh his book and his budgeting app MadbuMax.