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Monitor your budget

Income Sources

MadbuMax has an “income” module that will help you track your different sources of income. These sources of income can be sorted in groups. You can also choose which bank account these sources of income are deposited


MadbuMax has an “Expenses” module that will help you track all your expenses by recording every single expense. The expenses Can be grouped into different categories to help you know which accounts these expenses are being taken from


MadbuMax budgeting feature is unique. This feature permits users to set a limit or expected monthly spending, earning and saving. Users can also distribute the planned amount to different spending categories


MadbuMax accounts help you keep track of your balances in cash, card, bank accounts or e-wallet. You can create an account and add the available balance. Any transactions done with that account will be automatically calculated in order to keep your account balance up to date


This is the synopsis of all your transactions, expenses, income sources and budgets. You can filter through the reports to check your summary from different dates


This feature allows you to manage your profile and change your account details.

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