Acorns is a financial technology and financial services that specialize in both micro-investing and Robo-investing. It allows individuals to round up purchases and automatically invest the change. The round Ups from a personal bank account are transferred to an individual investment account when they add up at least $5 from all the users’ linked accounts. Through the adopted technology, customers are able to invest in a very low cost and diversified portfolio automatically. The recurring investment allows the customers to invest as little as $5 per day. However, one can make a substantial investment in order to boost the value of the account. The main mission that governs the company is looking at the financial best interest of the upcoming investors. They, therefore, give customers the best possible tools that allow them to be able to make the best financial care automatically. This financial service offers various portfolios to its customers, including emerging markets, real estate, small-cap stocks, corporate and government bonds, and large-cap stocks (domestic and international).


The automated approach: Acorns utilize tools that encourage customers to automate their savings. It usually sweeps the excess change from every purchase through the use of a linked account in the investment portfolio. An individual can actually link as many cards as possible. Therefore, with every purchase, the Acorns rounds up to the nearest $1 and gives the account owner an option to transfer the change into an investment portfolio.

Educational content: The Acorns website is also well suited for new users who barely know about investment. It usually defines key terms and uses clear language for easy understanding. In some cases, it also publishes a magazine targeting the millennia’s containing advice about student loans, side gigs, credit card debt, etc. With such services, no one is left out.

Minimum investment: At Acorns, there is no minimum amount that one is required to have in order to open an account. However, the service requires a balance of $5 for one to start investing in one of the five available portfolios.


Accounts and management fees: when the account holder decides to move their investment out of the company to another provider in the market, they will have to pay a fee for the inconvenience caused. The company charges $50 per ETF to transfer investments. On the other hand, charge a percentage of assets under management has also been put in place. Whether Acorns’ fee is a pro or a con depends entirely on the users’ account balance. It usually costs $1 monthly for an Acorns Core taxable investment account, $2 monthly for Acorns Later, an IRA account, plus the taxable investment account. In contrast, for the Acorns spend, it costs $3 in both retiring and investment accounts.

Small-ish portfolio- In comparison to other Robo-advisors in the market, Acorns take the investing reins from the users. Although the app usually considers the customers’ data before recommending one of the five portfolios, the owner has to accept the recommendation or either selects a new portfolio that takes less or more risks.

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